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Icon Meme
Snagged from chibisapphire

It's a meme. All you have to so is yell "ICONS!" at me, and I'll give you six of your icons to go talk about in your journal.

One of the earliest Ao no Exorcist icons that I made and it features Rin and Shiemi who I both love to bits. I love the dynamics of their relationship. They're an OTF, a one true friendship. I ship them too though I have to say I still like their BFF-status more. That and the manga seems to be leaning towards Yukio/Shiemi. At this point,anyway.

I found this fanart in Baidu and I knew I had to color it right away and turn it into an con because it's Pang Tong, one of my favorite strategists from Ravages of Time, and he is in a cute chibi form. It's very rare that one can use the name Pang Tong and the word cute in the same sentence.

Asuka and Shinji from the AU comic Gakuen Datenrouku. One annoys the fandom for being super whiny; the other for being super bitchy. And I love them to pieces. I think they're both interesting characters, especially when you consider their background and the past that made them who they are.

Rin with a hair clip! When Suguro suggested to Rin that he wear a hair clip in order to keep his fringe away from his eyes, I inwardly hoped that he would heed the suggestion and come the next chapter--voila!--he did! I knew I had to icon it right away. Plus, Rin really looks cute in this particular picture so who can resist making an icon out of it?

Kong Liang from Outlaws of the Marsh (a.k.a. Sukoden). I found this picture from a website that hosts illustrations for all the 108 stars from the novel. While Kong Liang isn't really one of my top favorites, I thought the artist's character design is good and so I had to icon it.

The famous image from True Blood's promotional poster. I have to admit I haven't seen a sngle episode of the HBO show. I ,however, have read all 10 books (including the short story compilation) and while I don't consider them the best books ever written, I enjoyed them a lot. True Blood is like junk food for the brain. It doesn't have a nutritional value but you enjoy eating it anyway.


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